$299 Brochure-to-Website Special

The affordable, fast and easy, hassle-free way to a complete, clean and fresh, modern mobile optimized custom website.

Built on the WordPress platform, for less than $300 in less than three days, we specialize in creating $299 websites from your brochures or fact sheets. For people that prefer to provide the details and then step back with less participation rather than more.

How It Works

  • Send us your company brochure or fact sheet(s). If you don't have a brochure, send us the details about your business/website that would be in the brochure if you had one. You know what you do. You know why you want a website. Tell us. We can't make up your specific details, you have to provide that part to us.
  • Go here please https://www.canva.com/colors/color-palettes/ and select one or two color palettes that you like. 
  • Provide us with your details. If you have a logo, send it over. Any other existing material? Send it.

Your new website will be developed on our hosting servers using a temporary domain. Upon completion, acceptance and payment, it will be migrated from where it is to wherever you want it to be.

Web Hosting & Domain Names

If you already have web hosting, we'll migrate your new website to that hosting account. If you don't have hosting, we're GoDaddy White Label Resellers. We resell GoDaddy products for less and we're happy to help. If you already have a domain name we'll make sure its pointing to your new website for you. If you don't, we can register one for you.

Do you have products to sell?
E-Commerce Website
Add $149 we'll install and setup the WooCommerce plugin, a complete e-commerce solution and connect it to PayPal or your processor of choice. Price includes up to 10 products, additional products available in blocks of 10 for $40. 

Additional Products & Services
(You'll need these if you don't already have them. Billed annually.)

Hosting: $6.99 mo./ $84 yr.
SSL: $15 quarter/$60 yr.
Dot Com Domain Registration: $15 yr.
WordPress Update/Maintenance Plan: $5 mo./$60 yr.