Basic SEO - Email Marketing - Domain Based Email

Basic SEO Setup
$65 one time setup fee, up to 7 pages/posts (additional pages/posts $10 ea.) 

We install the free version of All In One SEO Plugin, one of the most popular Wordpress SEO plugins on the market, and do the basic setup for you. Includes SEO optimization of up to seven pages/posts.

Please note that this is not a substitution for a page filled with excellent, topic driven unique copy and continual updates. In order to score best in Google's organic search engine rankings you need to have excellent content AND properly written pages. One without the other will not fully provide the kind of results you're hoping for, however both parts do need to be done. Get the first part done at an affordable price.

Email Marketing Services

Do you have a list of customers, or a list of subscribers that you want to send emails to? Do you want to start a list or add to your existing list?

There are many different email marketing websites to use to send emails to your list, one of the largest is MailChimp. Our preferred platform, MailChimp offers the most stuff for free which makes them very attractive to small businesses especially small start ups. Pretty much until you hit 2,000 subscribers, everything is free.

With the tools provided by MailChimp, you can install a popup on your website to gather "sign ups" that way. Or you can add a form on one of the pages and collect sign ups that way. Once somebody signs up, their provided details are added to your list, which is maintained within your MailChimp account, and they're automatically sent a welcome email, which you have set up in advance.

MailChimp built their platform to be "easy" so that "anybody" can use it. For the most part, that's true. There is tons of free help. There are articles to read and videos to watch. They have their own YouTube channel which has tutorials and stuff that will show you everything you need to know. But it can get to be time consuming.

Some people prefer to concentrate on their own business, and have us stick around and handle the email marketing for them. We make it affordable enough for it to be a really easy decision for you.

Mailchimp Integration
$50 one time setup fee

  1. Set up a Mailchimp account for you
  2. Install the WordPress Mailchimp plugin
  3. Setup a form or a pop-up to "sign up" visitors for a newsletter, etc. so that the data gets added to your list or "audience" in your Mailchimp account.
  4. Set up an email campaign in your Mailchimp account that automatically sends a welcome email to each person that subscribes to your list from the form or popup on your website.

Some people prefer that we stay on and handle the email campaigns for them. If we do that, you're still going to have to write the emails, or at least provide some bullet points. You'll need to tell us what your message is. Less is more, short and sweet and to the point increases deliverability as well attention and click throughs.

Email Campaigns
$50 one time template creation fee

Standard: $20 ea. mailer*. Buy three get one free. You provide the content, we provide the formatting, dispatch tracking and reporting.

Premium: $50 ea. mailer*. Buy three get one free. Suitable for e-commerce or extra large mailers. You provide the content, we provide the formatting, dispatch tracking and reporting.

* image manipulation (resizing, compression and/or editing) could result in an extra charge

Domain Based Email Accounts
Prices vary, please inquire within. Will meet or beat GoDaddy's prices.

Many people have opted to use web based email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. If you require or desire a domain based email account or accounts, meaning rather than we can help you with that, even if you have your domain name away from us. Prices vary depending on your needs and situation, but we'll always meet or beat GoDaddy's prices for same, so let us know what you think you might need.