Help Me Marcman!

Industry Leading $40 Hourly Rate

Website Repair
$40 hourly rate

You tried fiddling with your website, it broke and now you don't know how to fix it. This happens a lot. We can help you with that and also with other problematic situations.

Web Development
$40 hourly rate

Sometimes we get inquiries from folks that need things. that don't fit into a package. We're happy to hear from you. Let us know what it is that you're wanting to do and we'll be happy to help. Web development services provided at a discount.

Industry, Technical & General Consulting
$40 hourly rate

Sound advice and solutions for people that know what they want to do but just aren't exactly sure how to do it, or what the most economical way to do it might be. Personalized service, general consulting. Send us a message, tell us what's on your mind. The service is 100% free until both parties agree to start the billing.