Marcman Maintenance Plan

Basic: $99 annually

  • Your website will be fully managed for you all day, every day.
  • Have a problem? Ask a question. We’ll answer. Pretty quick.
  • We connect to your site via our webmaster console and stay connected.
  • We monitor for uptime, malware, performance, etc.
  • We keep backups and apply all WordPress updates as required.


  • WordPress Updates (plugins, theme, core)
  • Basic Webmaster Service (malware, performance, backups, etc.)
  • Membership discount on the additional maintenance services you need.
  • Priority Service over non-members *always*. (Priority amongst members determined based on urgency. If your site is down you will not be “bumped” but if more than one site is down you may have to wait until the person ahead frees up.)
  • An invaluable and time saving buffer between you and GoDaddy. Instead of Calling (or emailing) GoDaddy, call me and I’ll get to the bottom of your issue for you and report back.
  • Depending on the request - at our sole discretion - we may address your request and not charge for the task.

Does Not Include:

Flat Rate or Hourly Rate Services.