Payment is due when services are rendered.

Your bill is electronic and is sent to your email. It can be paid with one click or tap.

We accept: PayPal, Venmo Business or any major credit/debit card. No checks. No cash. We will work with you with Zelle or Western Union if your circumstances require.

Customer is responsible for gathering and providing the company specific information required in order to complete the requested work. This normally includes a brochure or the words that would be in the brochure if you had one, describing your business or other endeavor, with pictures, your logo, any testimonials you may have, descriptions, policies, etc.

Once your balance is paid in full your new site will be moved from our server to yours. Some work, such as SEO setup work for example, or other third party connections, can’t be done until your site is moved and "live."

Once the work is completed and paid for in full, it belongs to you. We do not reserve copyright on the websites that we're contracted to create.

You agree to allow us to place a small text link in the footer at the bottom of your page stating "Website by Marcman Web Services" or "Website Maintained by Marcman Web Services.”

NO VERBAL AGREEMENTS. If we make a deal, it has to be in writing in email. This small detail eliminates so many problems. No verbal deals on the phone, no text message deals, I mean unless we’re related.

Additional work usually justifies an additional charge.

We want your input - to a fair and reasonable degree - commensurate with the price that you’re paying. If you want to be the art director, there’s going to be an up-charge.

A few words on "scope creep"... Scope creep refers to how a project’s requirements tend to increase over a project lifecycle, e.g., what once started as a single deliverable becomes five; or a product that began with three essential features, now must have ten; or midway through a project, the customer's needs change, prompting a reassessment of the project requirements. It happens a lot and it's not a bad thing, but it changes the pricing structure of the project. 


In no event will we be liable to the client or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate these Web pages or Website, regardless of the reason that the site is not performing. We will always make a good faith effort to help you with whatever is wrong, but under no circumstances will we be liable for any damages ever, arising from our agreement together. This condition of our agreement is not amendable and is always the nature of the work between us.