$199 Starter Website – includes Hosting & SSL for 1 Year


The $199 three page website is suitable for you if you’re a new business just starting out with a limited budget or if you still just don’t have a website because you’ve never been able to justify the price, and the idea of a do-it-yourself “free” website isn’t appealing to you because you know that it’s never as easy or as free as they say it is. There’s stuff over there in free-land that you’re going to need that is included in this package. Even if you’re good with Facebook and Instagram you still really need a website. It’s just one of those things where even if you don’t really need it, you sorta still do.

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It's everything you need to be online including the site forever, and the hosting and SSL for a year.

If you don't have a domain name (a dot com) yet, add $15 for one year domain registration or $25 with domain privacy.

Package Includes:
  1. Reg. Price $299. Save $100!
  2. Three Page Design
  3. Fully Responsive for Mobile
  4. 12 Months Web Hosting *
  5. 1 Year SSL Certificate *
  6. CMS WordPress
  7. Admin Area; You Can Make Changes
  8. Complete Deployment
  9. 100% Unique Design
  10. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  11. 48-72 Hours Turnaround Time
  12. Aftercare Support/Training
  13. Offer Valid For New Customers Only

* Included hosting & SSL is limited to a standard amount of traffic. 

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