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What You Need to Go Live on the Web

A Quick Beginners Guide. What are the pieces, what do they do, where do you get them, how do they connect?


Of course you know what a website is. Think of it as a tangible asset, something that you own. A website can be backed up or cloned or migrated from place to place. If you keep a good backup on your computer or device or up there in your cloud, then you have in your possession a copy of your website. It’s a thing. A website is a product that you pay for one time. You buy it, you own it. 

Web Hosting

In order for your website to be live on the web and accessible by everyone, it needs to have a home on a computer that’s connected to the web in such a way that it is a web server. A web hosting provider like GoDaddy for example, gives you a place to put a copy of your website so that it can be “served” to the web. You’re not actually buying anything, you’re renting the space which is generally quoted as a monthly fee and billed annually.

Domain Name

The space that you rented from your web host has to have a name so that people can type its name into the address bar of their browser window to access it. A domain name. Sound familiar? You register a domain name, usually at the same place you buy the web hosting (but they can be at different places too). Once you register your domain name you own it. But to keep it, you have to keep your registration current or you’ll lose it. You can register and pay for a domain name for a minimum of one year or a maximum of ten years at time of registration or renewal. 

SSL Certificate

And finally, you’ll need an SSL certificate which simply explained makes your website https instead of http. It is 100% necessary to have an SSL installed, if not for safety, or visitors perceived safety, Google will absolutely decimate your chances of doing anything in their search engine if your site isn’t https, and also, peoples’ individual browsers prevent visitors from accessing an http site without jumping through scary hoops the first time. You need an SSL. They’re usually available where you have your hosting. Issued quarterly or annually. 

Any Questions?

Q1: Holy cow that’s a lot of stuff I still don’t understand, I just need an affordable website live on the web without any of this hassle, can you help me with everything for one low price? 

A1: Not to worry, we are official GoDaddy Resellers, and can provide reliable hosting, domain name registrations, SSLs and anything else you need. Depending on the product, sometimes it will cost LESS from us but it will NEVER cost more. If you let us know at the beginning, we can give you one low price which will include everything, the website itself, and whatever other monthlies are required for domain, hosting and SSL. 

Q2: Hey I was just kidding, I get it and we’re all set we already have our domain and our hosting we just need a website. 

A2: We can do that too, no problem. We are happy to build for you whatever you need and migrate it to wherever you want once it’s completed.