Website Support and Virtual Assistant Services

Are you kitten me? I can help you right meow!

Do you need one-time or recurring changes made on your website or landing pages? I'm here for you.  Get in touch and tell me what you need. I'm available for a very reasonable $34/hr and I offer discounts for volume.

Websites, like cars, require maintenance. Hire me to take care of your site as if it were my own. Save money by taking advantage of one of Marcman's discount maintenance programs and let me handle the maintenance and any updates that you'll need.

All services performed from my location in beautiful, sunny South Florida.

Is your website old and out of date? Does it display as you would wish on all devices, including the phone that more than 50% of your visitors will be using to access your site? My redesigns are inexpensive and created on the WordPress platform, and as such, I utilize only responsive themes, that resize themselves based on the screen resolution at which they are being viewed.  One website, all devices.

How are things at the office? Busy? Perhaps you should consider outsourcing some of your work to your new virtual assistant, Marcman. I provide online research services, database entry services, data presentations creation, email management, social tasks, travel research and industry preparedness knowledge. For a reasonable fee, I am happy to do pretty much anything that is done at a desk that you dread doing.


I specialize in converting older, outdated websites into modern, responsive clean designs that display properly on all devices, adjusting and resizing on the fly to display best on the device being used by your visitor.  I also am happy to handle for you the acquisition, setup and hookup of your own domain name, hosting and email.

Some Samples of My Work



Providing affordable updates to your website is my specialty. I'm happy to help you with everything from simple edits and changes, to a full, modern redesign. WordPress is my platform of choice, but if your site is older, don't worry, I can still help you because so am I older too.

Mobile Sites

All of my websites and redesigns are what's known as "responsive," meaning that the size of the page itself and the elements on the page are resized on the fly based on the resolution (size) of the screen that they are being displayed on. It's like magic. Your site will know whether somebody is using their phone or their big screen at home and serve up to them the appropriate content.

Online Research Services

Common requests include finding information on corporate websites, exploring new products and vetting potential employees or business contacts.  But really it can be anything. If you're spending your time researching generalities, or specialized subscription based websites and would prefer to be spending your time more productively, I'm happy to do the research for you.

All services performed from my location in beautiful, sunny South Florida.

Database Entry

Keep your databases current. This is the task that nobody wants to do. Except me. I love to do it. And I'll do it for you. Mailing lists, business contacts, customers, products, pricing and so on.

Word Processing

Tell me what's going on and I'll write a letter for you.  Letters, proposals, contracts, forms - whatever you need, let me know, I'll get 'er done.

Email Campaigns

Effective and good looking email campaigns. I'll create the email, send it to your list, and follow up with results. I'm familiar with the major providers such as MailChimp and Constant Contact.


If it's done behind a desk in an office, I can do it for you. Need help? I will help you.


Email Assistant

Do you get 100+ emails a day? Perhaps you would like your own personal email assistant? I'm here for you. Set me up with a domain based email address for your business and tell your peeps you have a new assistant, give them my email address and I'll get myself involved and make sure that these folks are handled professionally and in the best interest of your company. Let's talk about what you're trying to accomplish. There are many different ways to approach this. But whichever way we choose, one thing's for certain; your email stress days are over!

Customer Service

I give great customer service. If you receive incoming customer service emails I'd love to handle them for you. Your customers will love me. Complaints? Let me field them for you, I love making angry people happy again!

All services performed from my location in beautiful, sunny South Florida.


Just ask. Everybody loves me because I do really good work at a really good price. So I have excellent references.


I've been working on websites for almost 20 years. I was a stockbroker for 15 years and I had my own Internet marketing business for 15 years. I have a background in sales and marketing. I understand business, I understand customers and I understand people. But mostly, I understand value and production and I'm happy to provide both to you.

Additional Info About Me

I like cats. And music. I'm very good at math. I love football. I ask for a little extra pay for nights and weekends, but I'm available to you at a very reasonable price, 24/7/365. If you have a lot of work for me, I will reduce my rate for you.


Save money. All hourly services available at buy 3 hours get 1 free!

Website Redesigns Starting at $350
No I'm not kitten you. I can do it for you and I can start right meow.

Virtual Assistant Work  $26 /hour
Includes: Word Processing, Database Entry, Email Assistant, Customer Service

Website Design and Other Technical Work $34 /hour
Redesigns, Mobile Sites, New Sites, Landing Pages, Maintenance

Design Services $42 /hour
Logo Creation, Branding, Layouts, Brochures, One-pagers, Product Sheets

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Hey, what's with the cats?

A: Oh nuthin'. I just like cats.